1968 Mustang Fastback GT – Bullitt Tribute


Update August 2018 – I just sold the car to a great couple in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bullitt is heading home!

Update  May 2015 – Check out the Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine for May 2015.  We made the cover!

This is one of my personal cars I completed in May 2014.  This car was ordered from the factory as a 390 GT 4 speed in Highland Green with a black deluxe interior.  Comparing the Marti Reports of this car and one of the original Bullitt cars we feel it is one of the closest tribute cars built.  The only differences are a few minor options.  In fact the cars serial number is only 611 later than one of the original two Bullitt cars.  It was built on January 26th whereas the original Bullitt was built on January 9th There was actually two 68 Fastbacks used in the movie.  The chase scene car was badly damaged and destroyed by the studio.  The second car was used for many of the still shots and is in the hands of a private owner.  If you watch the movie closely will notice some minor differences in the two cars.  The still shot car had no outside mirror, no antenna, but did have rear exhaust cutouts.  We chose to replicate the surviving car. The car was fully restored except for the Bullitt modifications which include: All emblems and nameplates removed and filled, lower rocker moldings painted green, rear tail light panel and tail light bezels and lower trunk lid blacked out, antenna removed and filled, GT fog lights removed and grille replaced with a 67 grille, original vintage American racing wheels with NOS metal center caps, and an NOS Secura F.I.V leather wrapped steering wheel – the same one used in a 68 Shelby.

Here are pictures of the car before the restoration.  Previous owner painted it Camaro Red to match his brothers car.  Guess he did not know what he had.

Car after disassembly and media basting.

Here are some shots at the body and paint shop – Automotive Images in Tacoma, WA.

And finally some Highland Green Paint.

The assembly process begins.