1970 Cougar Eliminator 428SCJ Drag-Pak

May 2018 – After 3 years this one is finally finished. It took way longer than we hoped but our customer made a big change half way through when he decided to go restomod rather than concours.   It has an all aluminum Craft Racing 427 engine that develops 608 HP with the original toploader 4 speed behind it.  The original 4:30 rear end was updated to a 3.50 to make it more street friendly. The suspension was upgraded to Total Control Products with a rack and pinion system.  Steering system uses an Electric Power Assist Unit.   Brakes are Wilwood at all four corners.  Wheels are by Boyd Coddington.   Interior has been upgraded to houndstooth decore. The body and paint was done at Automotive Images in Tacoma.  All body lines and gaps are way better than factory and the Competition Orange paint is like glass.



These pictures are from Feb 2015 when we first got it from the customer.

Car durning disassembly.  Next step is to scrape off all the sound deadener and get it media blasted. Pictures from Feb 2015.

Here is the car after plastic media blasting and before sheet metal work began.

Sheet metal work all done and car has been acid dipped and zinc phosphate.

Now in Epoxy Primer and ready to start final body work.

More progress. (September through December 2016).

Assembly pictures