1970 428CJ Eliminator – Factory Red – For Sale

We acquired this very rare Eliminator at the end of 2018.  It was originally ordered as a special paint car in factory Cardinal Red. Of the 44 Special paint Eliminators built there were 4 equiped with a Dark Red Comfortweave interior. Based on information from the Eliminator registry this is the only red exterior paint Eliminator known to exist.  If the 428CJ and C6 automatic were not enough, the cars options (per the Marti Report) make it even rarer.

It has all its original paint, except for the hood. The red oxide paint spots are where the previous owner sanded it down and applied primer to spots that had worn out paint. The interior is all original with no rodent damage! Carpet was worn out and disposed of. Because it lived in Texas it’s whole life it has absolutely no rust! One of the best types of cars to start a restoration. ┬áThe engine is not original but a date correct block which has already been checked and machined at .30 over. Also included is a pair of 428CJ heads (incorrect dates), restored distributor, restored carburetor, rocker arms, timing cover and pan. No other engine parts. I do have the correct 1970 C6 transmission. Not original but does have the cast iron tail shaft, R servo and shift shaft with kickdown.

While we were hoping to start a ground up restoration we just never seem to have the time. Rather than letting it continue to sit, I have decided to sell it. At present I don’t want to run this through an auction. Regarding price. Everyone will have their own opinion on what this is worth. If you are looking at it as “just another Eliminator” needing a restoration you are going to be way to low. First of all this is a rust free car that will save you thousands in sheet metal repairs. Second it is truly a 1 of 1 car that is loaded with options. As far as a comparison, concours restored 428CJ cars are selling in the $125K to $175K range. Two of the special order black Eliminators that were restored sold north of $200K each. I am looking for a reasonable offer. Do your homework. I will answer any questions and provide any additional photos you require. Personal inspections are encouraged. If you have a serious interest, give me a call at (253) 579-4133.

The first two pictures below are how it was discovered sitting in a barn in Texas in 2018. The story is the original owner bought the car for his son back in 1969. The son was killed while overseas soon after so the car just sat. The owner then decided he wanted to start using it again but did not like the gas mileage. A couple of “friends” said they would swap out the motor for something smaller. A few weeks later he found the car with no motor and transmission and the hood had been run over by a forklift they used to pull the engine. The “friends” were long gone. It was stored ever since.

The remaining pictures are it sitting in my shop after being cleaned up.

Original Bendix master cylinder.
Waiting for the transport truck to arrive.

Some more pictures of the underside.

9″ Rear 31 spline
Rust free quarters under the factory sound deadner.
Rust free torque boxes on both sides.
Perfect floors once the undercoat is removed.
Original paint, no rust lower psg quarter.
Original paint rust free drivers quarter.
Factory sway bar with original shocks.

Period correct block. Heads are from late 1968.

Not original but Correct “C scratch” block. All machining is done, bored to .030.
9J12 block
Fresh bore and hone.
.030 oversize.
Correct 1970 transmission but not the original. Has correct cast iron tail shaft and R servo.

Correct carb restored by Joe Bunetic.
Correct restored distributor.
Interior out for inspection and cleaning. The black carpet was from another car. The original dark red carpet was not salvageable. The interior is back in the car.

For more information contact me at (253) 579-4133 or email cascadeclassics@live.com