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1967 Cougar Standard

A nice clean modified 67 standard in for some new rear leaf springs.

1969 Mustang Mach 1

  1969 Mach 1 in for a transmission rebuild, electrical problems and general mechanical repairs.

1976 Australian Ford Falcon XB

We just sold this 1976 Australian Falcon XB in February 2016.  Was a neat car but just had too many projects to dedicate the time to it.

1968 Mustang Fastback GT – Bullitt Tribute

  Update August 2018 – I just sold the car to a great couple in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bullitt is heading home! Update  May 2015 – Check out…

1972 Cougar – Original owner

This 1972 Cougar standard coupe was brought to us by the original owner.  It had lost its luster and the owner just wanted it to look like it did when…

1967 Standard – Modified

Update: August 2019 – This car has been sold and is headed to New Jersey.  Congratulations to the new owner. Update: March 2015 – Go to our Media Page to…

Australian Falcons

Here are a couple of Australian Falcons we have worked on.  The copper car is an XB GT.  The white car is a rare XC Cobra.

1970 Mustang Mach 1

Most of the restoration of this Mach 1 was done by another shop.  The car was brought to us by the owner to do some “fine tuning”  under the dash, in the…

1970 Cougar Eliminator 428CJ

Update – June 9, 2018.  This car has found a new home in Florida.  It’s new owners are a great couple of people. This was one of my personal cars…

Other cars we’ve owned over the years

Here is a gallery of some other cars we’ve owned over the years.  They are in no particular order.  None of them went through a full restoration.  Each one had…